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Great Tips About Learning To Care For Cats

Cats are some amazing creatures. Keep reading to learn more about proper cat care of your cat.

Cats need a certain amount of grooming to stay healthy and presentable. A cat requires regularly brushing and combing. Do this often in order to aid in keeping your cat’s outer coat clean and healthy. It will also cut down on shedding and hairballs. In order to keep shed hair down to a minimum, plus have a beautiful cat, you must groom your cat regularly.

Keep your drape cords away from your drapery cords. This could really hurt or death. Keep your drape cords out of sight to prevent this.

Male cats often develop crystals in their bladder that come out in their urine. This can be prevented with a proper diet. It is painful for your cat to pass these crystals and the cost to have this treated by a vet is high. Look for foods that are low in magnesium for your cat. Just as in the grocery store, take the time to read the labels. Cat food with lots of fish tends to have more magnesium, while products with lots of poultry tend to have less.

Cats can get into many different crevices. A breakaway collar has the ability to release its hold if the cat pulls tightly on too tightly. This could save your cat if it gets caught in a tight spot.

Online outlets offer better prices for cat medicine than vets. There may be some cases in which you cannot buy online, such as in an emergency. However, if your pet gets regular prescriptions for a chronic or ongoing issue, you can often save up to 50 percent by shopping online.

Be certain your cat gets regular checkups at the vet. Cats need routine annual check-ups and wellness checks just like people.Cats should visit the vet right away if they are having any health problems or injuries needing treatment occur.

If your cat experiences major problems, don’t be afraid to talk to other cat owners. Advice from other people can be very beneficial for you. There are many online forums that discuss cats. Most vets will also be happy to help you with some advice.

Don’t allow your cat get bored too often. Cats need to exercise and playtime. Bored cats can develop emotional and other harmful health conditions.Give them toys and a large number of toys. Indoor cats will appreciate having a structure they can climb on or a dedicated scratching posts.

Moist, canned food can be a very good option for your cat. Dry food is cheaper, but some wet foods have more benefits. Canned food generally provides more nutrients, protein and fat as well as liquids. It is easier for older cats to chew. Speak with your vet, however generally speaking, canned cat food is better for your cat.

The litter box for your cat needs to be positioned in a good location. Don’t put it where the cat can’t reach it or in an area that gets too much traffic. Also make sure the cat litter area is well ventilated to keep the smell to a minimum. Your cat will appreciate it and so will too.

As soon as you adopt your cat, fit him with identification tags attached to a collar. This is very important for indoor cats. Your cat will go out as soon as you leave a door or a window open. Tags with your veterinarian’s info and your contact number should be worn. This is especially true for cats with medical conditions.

Be especially mindful of your cat’s preferences while traveling. You may enjoy it, bit it might be bothering your cat. To keep your cat calm and collected over the course of your trip, turn off the music or keep the volume low.

You need to carefully consider where you put the litter box for your cat. You may want to place in some out-of-the-way corner so the smell doesn’t bother anyone. However, the litter box must be kept in a location that is easily accessible for your pet. A finicky cat may not use the litter box if the environment is very inconvenient. If the litter box is on a hard surface, make sure to put something soft underneath it.

Cats are great pets, but smaller kids may be too rough with them. Teach your kids how to handle a cat. Teach them about appropriate activities and how to gently touch it. Cats have more fragile bones than dogs so should be treated carefully.

If your cat’s about to have kittens, create a spacious area in which she can do so. The process generally takes about three hours, so you must exercise patience. If it has been more than six hours and you believe more kittens are still inside your cat, you need to get her to the vet right away.

Make a tablecloth that your cats. Cats often take food from their bowl to eat on the side. This habit means you need to clean up.

Your cat may be lonely if you return to work after adopting them. If your goal is to keep boredom at bay, then you might consider getting them a playmate in the form of another cat.

Litter Box

Watch out for holes near your home that you don’t want your cat to hide in. Cats can get through minuscule gaps. This especially applies to kittens. Take care of this issue when you have a new cat coming into your home. If you find holes of any size that the cat could get through, repair them.

Do not punish your cat if it makes a mess outside of the litter box. If this happens, it’s probably because their litter box is not properly cared for. Punishing your cat will just make them afraid to be around you in the future.

It’s best to keep your pet cat indoors. Outdoor cats do not live as long because they come in contact with diseases. Certain of the diseases can spread to humans as well. Your indoor cat will be happy if it has a warm and sunny spot to sunbathe in or a window to look out of.

Make sure your cat always wearing a collar with proper identification tags on their collar. This is necessary even true for indoor cats. Cats are endlessly curious and they may escape out an open door or a window. This is very critical if your cat has special medical issues.

Bringing another pet into the home can end up initially upsetting your cat. Separate this animal from your cat in a different room. Let them get used to the new pet’s smell. After some time has passed, slowly begin integrating the two pets together.

If you want to buy a second cat, you need to set aside a couple of weeks where you let the animals get used to being around each other. They may still hiss and growl when they are in the time.

Make sure that you spay or neuter your cat as soon as he or she becomes old enough to tolerate the operation. Cats are instinctively curious. Therefore, even if your cat stays indoors, it will attempt to go outside. If your cat ventures outside even for a little bit, she can get pregnant. A huge number of cats are euthanized annually due to overpopulation.

Pay attention if your cat does not use the litter box. There are conditions that can cause a kitty to do this. A UTI or kidney infection may be the box when they suddenly associate it with pain due to their medical condition. Speak with your vet if you have a cat that has these issues.

When the weather turns severely bad, do not leave your cat outside. Rain, wind and periods of extreme cold are some examples. Cats look for places to hide in these types of weather and that may include underneath a car hood. If they are left outside, you risk the chance of losing them after the severe weather has passed.

If you have a female cat that is in the process of giving birth, be sure she has a spacious area to give birth in. The process generally takes about three hours, which means you must exercise patience.If you suspect that there are more kittens inside your cat and it has been six hours of labor or more, you need to get her to the vet right away.

Be wary of your cat around your Christmas tree come the holiday season. A Christmas tree is the ultimate cat toy–at least in your cat’s mind. Unfortunately, this presents conflicts. For best results, keep your cat away from the tree and also watch for any loose tinsel or ornaments that might cause digestive issues for your pet.

Even an indoor cat may get out. If this occurs, you will have a better chance of getting your cat back home.

If you want to monitor your outdoor cat more closely, consider inserting a microchip into their skin. If your cat goes missing, you will be able to log in to a website and track their location.

Chemicals containing phenol in the should not be used around a cat.This chemical is often in cleaning products such as Pine-Sol and Lysol.

It may be hard for your cat to resist a houseplant. There are issues with this, especially if your plant is poisonous. The cats may also make waste in the plant pots. Don’t think just because the plant is on a high shelf it is safe. Hang your plants from the ceiling instead so that they are away from your cat for good.

If you are concerned that your cat might be exposed to things such as fungus, catching fleas or being exposed to fungus, do not allow him to go outside. While it is true that even an indoor cat can contract illnesses, the cat is less likely to come into contact with them if he doesn’t go outside.

A cat should never be made to be a vegetarian. While you may avoid meat, a cat who doesn’t eat meat can’t be healthy. Cats need taurine to prevent blindness, and it’s only found in meat. If you want your cat to be in the best health, make sure you feed him enough meat.

While you might think that a cat is the ideal holiday gift for your child, it could be too stressful for the cat because of all the chaos going on. Try bringing your child along with to assist in the pet store so that they can choose their pet.

Make sure your cat always has fresh water available. While you may think that your cat doesn’t drink lots of water during the day, it still needs fresh water so that it can be safe when it’s drinking it. Wash the water dish everyday and be sure the cat can always get to it.

You should not swat at a kitten. This abusive action will only serve to make the cat being afraid of you.The optimal correction is a cat is to sprinkle some water to get their attention when misbehaving.

If your cat is older, your vet might recommend a change in diet. Older cats have different nutritional needs. Once your cat reaches seven years old you should switch over to a cat food specially formulated for senior cats. This is when you should change up their diet to fit their needs.

Be sure you provide your cat with fresh water.While it doesn’t seem like cats consume that much water daily, it is very important that fresh water is always available to him/her. Make sure that all dishes are as clean and easy to access.

Most of the time, your cat does not need bathing. However, if your cat ever needs a bath, you shouldn’t do this by yourself. The cat may become afraid because the bathtub surface can be quite slippery. Using one hand, you will want to hold the cat. With the other, wash fast.

Boarding a cat in a kennel can be quite costly, and it is difficult to choose a trustworthy cat sitter. You can simplify the process by contacting your local vet for sitter referrals. Sitters that take time to build relationships with vets are usually more experienced and knowledgeable about animals.

It’s a great idea to treat your cat’s eyes with a bit of mineral oil before bathing your pet. This oil helps protect your cat’s eyes from the soap. Also you need to be sure that the temperature is around 100 degrees. A temperature that is too warm or too cool will alarm your cat.

If your pet is suffering from halitosis, you should take it to the vet to make sure the bad breath is not caused by a medical problem. Your cat can also need to have his teeth professionally cleaned to solve the problem. Brushing a cat’s teeth every day is the best way to prevent them from getting bad breath.

If the temperature is warm, never keep your cat unattended in the vehicle. Leaving the windows cracked open a bit won’t be able to help that much. Vehicles heat up quickly inside. This means that cats, already susceptible to dehydration, will suffer quickly inside. Spending too long in a hot car can even be fatal for cats.

It can be vastly rewarding to own a cat as long as you realize the commitment involved and are willing to put in the time and energy required. Read this article again if it helps. Keep reading, and use these tips to take proper care of your pet.

Remember that the ears are also an important thing when caring for your cat. Use at least one day out of the month to examine their ears. If you notice any dirt, clean it; however, only clean the dirt that you visibly see. Use a cotton swap dipped in mineral oil. This will make their ears feel brand new. Alcohol on a swab works, too.

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