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Should You Get A Cat? Questions To Ask Yourself

There are some unexpected obstacles that arise when you first buy a cat. Never purchase a pet unless you plan in advance.

You must always take your cat for regular vet check-ups. Your cat should have regular well visits, as well as all the recommended vaccinations for his age. Make sure you keep the same veterinarian for your pet throughout its life. Your veterinarian needs to know about your pet’s history, and your cat will feel more comfortable if you always take her to the same vet.

You should always take your cat to a vet to make sure everything is okay. Cats require special shots and the vet can check their overall health.Try using the same veterinarian throughout your pet’s life. This ensures that your vet will be aware of the cat’s history.

A heated tile for underneath your cat’s bed can provide real comfort. Put a square foot of terra cotta tile into your oven heated to 200 degrees. Keep the tile in the oven for about 15 minutes. Use an old towel to wrap it up safely before placing it beneath your cat’s favorite napping spot. If necessary, change this out every few hours.

Cats love to squeeze into even the tiniest of spaces. A breakaway collar has the ability to release its hold if the cat pulls tightly on too tightly. This can help to save a couple of your cat’s lives.

If your kitty is a female, make sure to plan a spaying once she is of age to breed. Even if she is an inside cat, you need to spay her because she could get out. Having your cat spayed is the only way to 100 percent prevent accidental litters.

Wrap it in a towel and put it under where your cat’s bed or blanket. Change it every couple of hours if you like.

Take your cat to the vet every year. Cats need routine annual check-ups and possibly additional ones as well for vaccinations. Cats should go to a vet immediately if they have any conditions, health problems, or injuries that need to be tended to right away.

Prevent your cat from chewing on electrical cords by coating exposed wires with bitter apple. If your cat is especially intent on chewing cords, make sure you cover the cords. You can do this by bundling them and tucking them in the cardboard rolls that come inside paper towels.

A microchip for your cat is something that you should really consider. Indoor cats can slip out an open door. Although collars and tags are beneficial, some cats may even wiggle out of them. Microchips are very small, and you can note your name, address and phone number in there. Most vets and animal shelters will have a microchip scanner and because it’s under the animal’s skin it can never become lost.

The litter box should be placed in the right spot. Don’t put it where the cat can’t reach it or in an area that gets too much traffic. Also make sure that the area is well ventilated so the smell doesn’t linger. Your kitty will thank you for the effort.

Cats are often nocturnal creatures. In other words, they’ll be up and about late into the night. If your cat’s activities are keeping you awake at night, try keeping your bedroom door shut. This will reduce the frequency that they wake you up.

Be sure you think about your cat’s preferences while traveling.You might love blasting your favorite music while driving, for instance: Remember that your cat’s hearing is more sensitive than yours. To ensure your cat’s trip is pleasant, keep the stereo low – or perhaps off entirely.

Pick a good spot for the cat’s litter box. It should not be placed in a high traffic area, and it should be far away from the cat’s food. The area should also be well ventilated so that it doesn’t smell too badly. Not only will your cat appreciate it but you will too.

Take the time to train your cat to go into a carrier. Cats are not as responsive to punishment like dogs are. They respond better with encouragement. Put a favorite blanket and toy in the carrier and leave it open somewhere the cat is most often. The cat will eventually get into it and feel safe when it enters this carrier after a while. This takes the hassle out of traveling with your cat inside easier later.

Cats love to be high up. To keep your cat happy, offer him a spot of his own up high where he can survey his kingdom. You do not need a big cat tree in the living room; simply provide a solid shelf next to a window. For an extra treat, place a blanket or small bed up there too.

Cats are carnivores so it is important for them to get enough animal protein in their diet should reflect that.

You cat will not be likely to be a finicky eater if you vary the type of food you are feeding from time to time. By feeding the cat the same kind of food over and over again, they become used to that specific food. Good luck getting it to try something new!

If you want to buy a second cat, give the cats a couple of weeks to get comfortable with each other. They may swat at each other initially.

Let your cat take its time when you add a new cat to your home. They may be leery of each other at first and fight. Over time, though, they will learn to tolerate each other and eventually form a close bond.

Take note if and when your cat ceases using its litter box.There are a number of health conditions that can cause your cat to suddenly stop using their box. A potential bladder or kidney disease can cause your cat to stay away from the box when they suddenly associate it with pain due to their medical condition. Speak with your vet if you have a cat that has these issues.

If your cat urinates frequently or outside his box, you may need to talk to your vet. Cats sometimes behave like this if they have a urinary infection or other medical problem. Some cheap antibiotics can get rid of some dangerous illnesses.

If you have a pregnant cat ready to birth her babies, make sure to give her lots of room to birth in. The birth of the kittens will take approximately four hours, so try to be patient. If you believe your cat is still giving birth after six hours, call your vet immediately to talk to them about it.

Play is an essential element of a cat’s daily life. It is pretty normal for all different types of species to have an inner desire to play. Even a mature cat that isn’t as spry anymore it still loves to play around. Make sure you spend time doing fun things with your cat.

Your cat should remain indoors and near the person who owns it.Cats who stay inside have a much longer than the ones that are allowed to roam your neighborhood.

Take notice if and when your cat ever stops conducting their business in their litter box. When cats are suffering from something, they may end up going to the restroom randomly outside of their box. A variety of infections and kidney disease can cause your cat to stay away from the box when they suddenly associate it with pain due to their medical condition. Call the vet if your cat refuses to use the litter box.

Cats have a keen sense of smell which makes it difficult to change anything in their environment without their knowing about it. Don’t be discouraged if the cat isn’t happy with the items at first.

If your cat will not use the litter box, try placing it at a different spot in your home. Cats know that they’re vulnerable when using the bathroom and need a place that is quiet and safe. Basements, laundry rooms and other quiet spots are best.

Keep an eye on panting.Panting is completely normal thing in dogs. It is wise to consult your vet, specifically if your feline has suffered from respiratory issues.

Place a collar on your cat that has your name, phone number and address. Even if you have a house cat, there is a chance that he or she may get out. If your cat were to escape, it’s important for them to get back home safely.

If your feline has hairball issues, and brushing doesn’t seem to be helping to lessen them, then the following tips might help. Mix one teaspoon of pumpkin into your cat’s food. You might even want to try to add a teaspoon of tuna water in with the pumpkin to see if that helps. Some cat foods also contain a component for anti-hairballs, such as fiber, that prevent hairballs.

Some food you eat isn’t good to feed your cat. These include garlic, grapes, green tomatoes and onions. If your cat eats these things then it can become ill or even die. Milk is something that can hurt your cat’s stomach, so beware of that too.

Cats can get some illnesses humans get. You will probably be able to recognize when your cat isn’t at 100 percent. Your vet will be able to notice the possibility of an illness and give your cat preventive shots.

If you work, your cat can get awfully lonely while you’re away. One possible solution to ending your cat’s loneliness is to adopt a second cat.

Make sure to give your cat is treated with flea and tick medicine. There are many monthly drops you use monthly that can be effective. These medicines keep parasites away from your cat. Make sure you buy a brand specifically for cats in order to keep your friend safe.

Use sticky tape to protect your furniture. If your cat scratches up the upholstery, put up some tape to dissuade it from doing so. Certain pet stores sell this kind of tape. If you place the tape on the furniture and add a scratching pole, your cat should stop scratching your things.

Your cat may be mad when you first bring another pet. Let your cat get used to the strange new pet’s smell. After a while, introduce the new animal to your cat.

Cats may be affected by the same illnesses humans get. You will probably be able to tell if your cat isn’t at 100 percent. If you notice something, seek the advice of your veterinarian. Your vet can often rule out the possibility of serious conditions.

While you might think that a cat is the ideal holiday gift for your child, they are quite hectic and sometimes not great for spending a lot of time getting to know a new furry friend. Try bringing your kid to a shelter or pet store so that they can choose their pet.

Do a safety check to make sure there are no places where your cat could potentially get trapped. It’s amazing how small a hole has to be before a cat can’t fit. This is especially true of kittens. Beware of this as you bring a new kitty into your home. You will need to repair or at least cover up any of the bigger holes you find.

Keep a watchful eye on your cats when you put up your Christmas tree. Cats are often curious, causing problems for both your cat and your family. Keep in mind that ornaments up high and this could make your cat sick or uncomfortable.

If you bring a new pet into your house it can make your cat upset at first. When first introducing the newer pet, keep the animals separated. Let your cat learn what the new animal smells like. You should introduce the new pet to your cat very slowly.

You can protect your cat. There are websites that you can use to track your pet when they become lost.

If your outdoor cat likes to roam, ask your vet to insert a safety tracking device like a microchip. This will allow you to track your lost pet’s location from your computer in order to find them.

Don’t let your cat attack people or biting their toes. Teach them while they’re kittens since they will not be quite set in their own ways yet.

Read the ingredient list on cat food. Read the labels and avoid anything that contains corn as a filler, chemical preservatives, and unspecified meat products. These ingredients might not harm your pet right away, but they don’t add sufficient nutritional value. It is best to look for food with protein at the top of the ingredient list.

These tips can work on cats of all breeds and ages. The concepts you just went over are the basics and can help you to raise a cat so that it’s a happy and healthy animal the rest of its life. Make sure you find time for fun with your cat because this is very important.

If your feline likes to go outside, be sure it has a safe area to go exploring. A backyard with a high fence offers some safety, although cats are known to jump high and climb easily. It’s a good idea to enclose a patio with metal mesh or window screening so they can stay inside it. You can also buy a special type of cat “fence” that is placed on the very top of a fence to keep a cat from getting over it.

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