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Unraveling The Secrets Of The Iphone: Tips And Tricks For Fans Of The Apple Device

With the seemingly limitless apps the iphone offers, all members of the family can get their fair share of entertainment from this device. Read on to discover all that the iPhone’s many features.

Rice is an easy and quick way to dry out your iPhone if you happen to get it wet. You should of course avoid dropping your iPhone in water. Do not use a hair dryer. Instead, use a paper towel to wipe it. Then, place the phone in a Ziploc bag that is full of rice. Let it dry overnight.

Save your valuable battery power by reducing the brightness of your screen. Go to the settings area on your phone and reduce the illumination level.

Make sure your phone is using the latest updates. These updates can give your phone new abilities, as well as fix known bugs and security flaws. You will also have to store all photos and other information you have on your computer in case something bad occurs to the phone, you’re covered.

Suppose you are searching for a pharmacy near your home.When you locate the number, you don’t have to go to the phone part of the iphone. Just tap on the number and you will be instantly connected to the business immediately.

Save time by omitting the ‘WWW’ and ‘.com’ from the URL while using your iPhone to browse online. Entering in the title of the site is sufficient. Though this may seem insignificant, the time savings can be substantial over the long run.

You can create a shortcut on your favorite website in an app. Tap “Go” once you have the site loaded in your browser. This gives you the option to add this site on your home screen.

You can easily access your email accounts and messages by tagging them. This feature allows you to receive and view messages right away directly on your iPhone. Your phone can handle several email accounts.

You can easily message faster using this simple trick. You can dismiss dictionary word by tapping the screen.You don’t have to tap the tiny “x” that follows the suggested word.

By default, your iPhone will show a preview of incoming messages on the lock screen. This might be a great feature for you, or you might prefer to keep your messages more private. If you are one that does not like that feature, you will be happy to learn that you can stop that feature from continuing. In your Settings, navigate to the “messages” option that is found in your “notifications.” Touch the Show Preview option and turn it to the off setting.

Most iphone users take full advantage of photographs. It can be hard to sort through all of the photos you have taken if they are not sorted.The iphone has its own album feature can help you create more organization on your phone with your photographs. This can speed up your ability to locate a specific picture much quicker.

If you need a quick calculation done, make fast use of your iPhone’s calculator function, which can be found under the utilities section. The iPhone calculator also offers additional functionality for more complex mathematics: Simply tilt your phone sideways and the everyday calculator shifts into scientific mode.

The default setting for your iphone will show previews of any incoming messages on the main lock screen. You may find this annoying rather than convenient. The feature you wish to disable is known as “Show Preview”.

Use your handy iPhone to quickly snap a screenshot. Simply, find the screen you want a shot of and hold down your “home” button as you click your “sleep” button. The screen should then turn white and you’ll know the picture was saved.

If an iphone freezes up, you may need to perform a hard reset. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button while you are pressing the Home key at the same time. This will shut off and restart it.

There is a very easy way to get your iPhone to take a picture the instant you want it to. Your headphones incorporate volume buttons and these can be used for this purpose. Initiate this by focusing on what you want to take a picture of and then make sure your hand isn’t shaking. Press the button on the cord when you are ready to capture the picture.

This feature comes in handy for email addresses and common phrases. This shortcut feature can be accessed under the phone’s keyboard settings of your iphone.

A great way to save a lot of time when playing with your iPhone is to set custom shortcuts for AutoText. You will find this to be useful when you are repeatedly typing email addresses or regularly used phrases such as ‘on my way’. This shortcut is in the iPhone’s keyboard settings.

You probably already know your iphone can set reminders based on certain time. You can say “remind me to go to the store after work. You can use many different kinds of reminders when it comes to iPhones.

Your iPhone’s calendar is a great tool for staying organized. Use it directly to add meetings and reminders instead of using the plus button. First, change into “Day” view. Next, you can simply tap and hold any hour; a new event will automatically be created in that specific time. You have more time with Fast Scheduling.

You can capture a photo with one hand when using your iphone camera single-handedly. The picture quality is identical to taking the pictures is just as good as if you were to take them the normal way.

While the iPhone is one of the most useful and innovative devices out there, some people become frustrated while trying to scroll through long websites. Fortunately, it isn’t necessary! You can go straight back to the beginning of a web page by tapping the status bar (where the clock appears) on top of the screen. You can also use the same feature on many other long lists (such as your music library).

If you have run out of time and can’t finish composing your email, rather than closing the email app tap on it to cancel. The device will ask whether or not you wish to save a draft. This allows you to finish working on your email a later time if you have more time.

You should consider purchasing the battery management app. One of these apps will tell you when your battery use is the highest and how to make changes to extend the life of your battery. In addition, they can let you know when you should calibrate, which will allow you to maintain a healthy battery.

The iphone offers an integrated dictionary as a standard feature that is quite comprehensive. This can be used as a point of reference in pretty much any app. Simply tap on any word and choose “Define” from the list of options that appears.

If you do not like Siri’s voice, you can change this to your liking. First, locate Siri under the General Settings screen. This allows you to change the language to French, English or German. You can even change her voice, if you wish, to reflect a British or Australian accent. The British Siri has a male voice, even.

It is very simple to gain access your iPod controls and all of your favorites quickly. Go to Settings tab, then go to general, then home button. You can customize by double tapping and then selecting which options that you need to customize. This is a pretty straightforward process when you follow the steps.

You can save time when you type on your iPhone. Add shortcuts on your keyboard by going to your keyboard settings. Keyboard settings are found under general settings. If you do this, it will program any long words or phrases you use often. In the future, it is no longer necessary to type everything out every time.

You can send great photos to your family and friends. You can do this by following either of two processes. You can either attach the image file to an email that you send, or you can use the Facebook application in order to upload your picture.

The iPhone gives you the ability to take advantage of many social media functions. You can update your friends very quick with Facebook and Twitter through your iPhone. Get the latest updates with these apps so you know what is going on when it is happening.

You can scroll through your iphone contacts three different ways. You can tap a single letter to advance to the listings you want, click on a letter on the right side of the screen, or slide your finger along the letters on the right side of the screen. The last way makes it simple to scroll down your list quickly.

When assessing your contacts on the iPhone, you may just scroll through your list as usual. However, there is an easier way. Press and hold on the alphabet list on the side. Slide gently up and down. This technique offers better control while you look at your contacts.

A great way to talk to others with your iphone is using FaceTime. This lets users see the person with whom they are conversing with. You can easily use this by going into your contacts area and searching for the button that says FaceTime.

The FaceTime app is a great method for talking to others using your iPhone. This gives you the ability to have a live conversation with the person in video form. To get started, visit the contacts section of your phone and find the FaceTime option. Simply press the button to use it.

In the inbox, by dragging your finger across the mail will show a popup delete button that will allow you to remove it instantly.

Do you frequently text a select handful of folks a lot? Add their numbers to your favorites. You can use both your “favorites” list and your “recent calls” list to send messages in addition to placing calls. Touch the little arrow adjacent to the contact and choose text message. You also have the ability to view your missed calls in this area.

The range and versatility of the iphone is one of its most appealing features. You can change your iphone into a convenient universal remote with the free app Blinq TV. The phone may be used to adjust televisions, as well as amps and DVD players. You can also set reminders able to let you known when favorite programs are about to come on.

Make sure that you never leave your iphone sitting in the sun for a long time. If it is in direct sunlight for a long time, you could find yourself owning a ruined device. Harsh, direct sunlight can do serious damage to your phone.

If you don’t intend to watch a video more than once, don’t save them to your iphone. This selection will allow you to save on your phone.

Do you want to have a backup for all of your contacts on your iPhone? The iDrive Lite app will let you easily share and restore your contacts. This application is free if your software is at version 2.0.

It can be tough to scroll through sites on the small window in Safari from your iphone. You might end up scrolling around the main webpage by accident. Then use two fingers to scroll instead of one when scrolling through the list.

Has your iPhone locked up and stopped accepting input? If the Sleep or Home buttons do not work, then hold down the Home button six seconds. Any apps that are locked here will be forced to close. If there is still no response, hold down both the Home and Sleep buttons for approximately ten seconds. This should reset your iPhone and the Apple logo will appear.

Are you looking for a good way to back up your contacts? There is an app known as iDrive Lite; it will help you share and save your contacts. This is totally free if you have updated the software in your software to 2..

If you do not intend to use the wireless radio function on your iPhone, disable it. Even if you are not using them, they can drain batteries and force you to recharge your phone more often. These wireless radios include Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. You can shut them off when not in use.

Play around with your phone.The more time you spend playing with the features, the more accustomed you will be to it. It may take a while, but the time spent is worth it to become aware of what the phone can do.

Sending messages as fast as possible means using the phone’s features and becoming efficient at it. You may know that tapping a word twice is the way to select it. But, are you aware that the same thing can be done with the whole paragraph? Just tap it four times to choose the entire paragraph, this is so much easier than having to go through a cutting and pasting process.

You should now better understand all of the features that the iphone offers to you. Now you can use the information you just read and take full advantage of your iphone.

Jazz up your iPhone with new sound effects. Apple has finally added a way to choose custom tones for all incoming emails, texts, voicemails, calendar alerts, tweets, reminders and so much more! Just go to your sounds menu and buy whatever you want!

Hopefully, you have found all the information you need in the article above. Now, put it to use! Continue learning to better your rate of success. The more you know, the better off you’ll be.

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