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Beyoncé Draws Diverse Fans to Country Music with “Act II: Cowboy Carter”

Dusty boots, horses at the water trough, and the sound of country music filling the air—these are common sights and sounds at Tayhlor Coleman’s family gatherings on their central Texas ranch. For Coleman, the release of Beyoncé’s country album, “Act II: Cowboy Carter,” feels like a dream come true.

“The biggest artist in the world has returned to a genre we love but felt unwelcome in,” said Coleman, a 35-year-old Houston native from the same Third Ward neighborhood where Beyoncé grew up. Coleman, a fan of Miranda Lambert and Shania Twain, has long awaited this fusion. “I always hoped she would venture into country music. Beyoncé embodies more of country music’s essence than many current artists.”

Beyoncé’s “Act II: Cowboy Carter” has not only clinched the top spot on the Billboard 200 for two consecutive weeks, but it also marked her as the first Black woman to lead Billboard’s country album chart.

Country music star Lainey Wilson, a recent Grammy winner, admires Beyoncé’s broad appeal. “There’s nothing she can’t do… that’s inspiring,” Wilson commented. “It’s exciting to see new fans discover their love for country music through her work.”

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