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Good thing recommendation – creative toys

1. Mini billiards

Reference price: $15.2

People can’t help playing convenient billiards. It’s a very lovely size. You can have a game right away on the table


The most important thing of the mini version is not to have a rough feeling! The table is almost as big as a 14 inch notebook. The color of billiards does not have a sense of inferior plastic. You can also see the detail at the small net pocket

2. Cube dice


Reference price: $6

Well, is this a rare toy? When you are bored, you want to make some small moves. The six sides of this dice are respectively equipped with buttons, rocker, switches, worry free stones, rolling buttons and rotating dials:

When you are upset, press, twist and dial, which is very effective in relieving anxiety:

3. Magnetic pressure reducing bottle


Reference price: $15.2

This glass bottle, which is a bit like a nutcracker, is the most black technology in this answer:

The glass bottle is filled with white sand, non-toxic transparent liquid and black magnetic fluid. The villain’s hat is magnetic. Take off the hat and get close to the bottle body. The magnetic flow in the bottle will break and roll like smoke under the action of magnetism. There are too many playing methods to say.

4. Movie advertising notebook


Reference price: $10.7


There are 52 love movies that couples like very much. TA who receives gifts can see and hear these lines by scanning them! and! The design is so attentive that even the two sides of the canvas bag are different words!

5. Ototo design Loch Ness monster bookmark, Israel


Reference price: $9

The creative brand in Israel, called ototo design, was founded in 1999 by two designers who were originally good partners. This small studio specializes in producing creative household products, from small batch production to products distributed in museums and art galleries around the world. This Loch Ness monster bookmark is one of their works:


As long as you’re stuck in the book, you can’t help noticing that procrastinators have no reason not to finish reading the book!

6. Elfinbook 2.0 rewritable notebook


Reference price: $15.2

A book that can be written repeatedly, used to record some inspiration or painting that you occasionally want to record. For office workers, it is even more valuable to pick up a pen to record some work matters. It is very convenient to wipe and use without changing a book.

If you can’t wipe it off, you can also wipe it with water and clean it with a hair dryer

7.Israel Ototo Design sardine strain pin


Reference price: $9

It’s ototo’s work. Guess what’s in the can?

Sardine, of course.


Although the function is no different from that of an ordinary paper clip, I don’t think I’m a little cute and cute with this paper clip! I’m obviously different from other colleagues!

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