Pillow maintenance tips make sleep more comfortable

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In life, we have been paying attention to the maintenance of four piece sets and quilts, but ignoring the cleaning and maintenance of pillows and mattresses, which are equally important to our sleep health. How should pillows and mattresses be cleaned and maintained?

Cleaning and maintenance of pillows

  1. Use cotton or polyester pillowcases with zippers to protect pillows.
  • Pillows should be placed on windows or clotheslines for ventilation and drying once a month.
  • Feather or down pillows should be shaken every day to remove dust, and the pillow core should be neatly and evenly arranged.

90717431961efcd5ac15aa2bbfdb00fc4.Before you clean feathers or down pillows, make sure there are no holes or open lines. When machine washing or hand washing feather or down pillow, soft detergent should be selected and washed with cold water. It’s best to wash two pillows at the same time, or add a pair of bath towels to balance the load. Low temperature drying shall be set when drying down or feather pillows with clothes dryer. Add a pair of clean and dry tennis shoes to the clothes dryer to help the down distribute evenly during drying.

  • Foam pillow should be hand washed and hanged. Change the suspension position every hour to make the pillow core dry evenly. Never put foam pillow into dryer.
  • Polyester filled pillows can be placed in warm water with multifunctional detergent for machine washing or hand washing. If you use a dryer to dry this kind of pillow, you need to set a medium temperature.

7.If you follow these simple steps listed above, your bedding will be in the best condition. Moreover, because the bedding is more comfortable, you can also get better sleep.

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