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Do you know about home textile design style?

With the better and better development of the home textile market, people’s requirements for home textile products have also been greatly improved. Now only practical and functional home textile products can not meet people’s pursuit of quality of life. Under this trend, the design style of home textile has undoubtedly become a new bright spot in the industry. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of these home textile styles.

American style – symmetrical and exquisite Gorgeous and elegant

The American style originated in the 17th century, integrating Baroque, Palladio, British neoclassical and other decorative styles, forming the characteristics of symmetry, delicacy, elegance and beauty.In American style, Golden Eagle, crossed double swords, stars, ears of wheat, flower colors and other decorative elements are mostly used in tin lead alloy candlesticks and geometric patterns

Neoclassical style – low profile luxury Retro fluency

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The neoclassical style originated in the mid-18th century, abandoning the excessive decoration in Baroque and Rococo styles. The neoclassical style decoration is decorated with bronze, fan, leaf plate, rose decoration, Sphinx, etc. it also brings furniture and stone carvings into the indoor furnishings and decoration. The operation of roughening, painting and marble makes the interior decoration pay more attention to the change of material and the integrity of space.

Southeast Asian Style Sexy and mysterious Smart jump

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While retaining its own characteristics, Southeast Asian style design has produced richer changes. Southeast Asian style is mainly manifested in two orientations, one is dark color with Asian style, and the other is light color with Western influence. It expresses the highest level of harmony, which is warm and subtle, charming and mysterious, gentle and passionate.

European classical style – Classical Luxury Long history

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European classical style has a long history. Under the diversified influence of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Palladianism, under the shadow of concave and convex walls, roman columns and carved flowers, European classical patterns such as curly leaf grass, spiral pattern, sunflower pattern and arc are gently stroked in exquisite furniture furnishings, It reproduces the splendor of the palace.

Modern style – simple atmosphere Fashion innovation

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The modern style originated from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. The modern style has very typical and distinctive subjective characteristics. The bold use of reinforced concrete, flat glass and steel, and the splicing of simple geometric and linear elements make the art and practical functions highly integrated.

Mediterranean style – sea and sky Leisure and simplicity

Mediterranean style originated in the 9th-11th century. Mediterranean style mostly uses the combination of soft tone and atmosphere, which is deeply loved by people. Colorful ceramic tiles, cast iron handles, thick wood doors and windows and Arabic style pool create a very affinity atmosphere.

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