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What is fleece fabric?-Can inferior fleece cause asthma?

  1. What is fleece fabric?
  2. Fleece is a kind of knitted fabric. It finally forms fleece fabric after a series of complex processes such as weaving, dyeing, roughing, combing, shearing and fleece.

(2)Fleece can be divided into plain color and printing. According to individual requirements, plain fleece can be divided into strip fleece, embossed fleece, jacquard fleece, etc. According to different sizes, printing can be divided into more than 200 varieties, such as penetration printing, glue paddle printing, transfer printing, color strips and so on. 


2Composition of polar fleece

Fleece: generally 100% polyester. According to the specification of polyester, it is subdivided into: filament, spun and micro polar fleece. Among them, the superfine is of the best quality and the highest price. There is also the fleece with spandex. Because the quality is difficult to master, the technology needs to be further improved.


3Characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of polar fleece


The fleece fabric is divided into positive and negative sides, and the front side is brushed. The fleece is fluffy and dense, and it is not easy to fall off and pilling. On the reverse side, the brushed hair is sparse and uniform, and the villi is very short. It feels clear, elastic and fluffy.



The fleece fabric will not shed hair, has good elasticity and will not pilling. It has the advantages of cold resistance, flame retardant and antistatic, so it has high safety. The fleece fabric feels soft and will not cause harm even if it is in direct contact with the skin. It can be mixed with any fabric to improve its warmth retention.



The price of fleece fabric is relatively high, and the product quality on the market is uneven, so there may be inferior fabrics, resulting in asthma and other diseases.

4Uses and handling methods of fleece fabrics

Application of fleece fabric

Fleece is widely used. It can be made into bedding, carpet, coat, jacket, vest, windbreaker, cheerleader logo, cashmere gloves, scarves, hats, pillows, cushions, etc. 


Care of fleece fabric

  • First, check the stain condition of fleece fabric. If there are stains locally, you can apply the original solution of special hand washing detergent to the stain, completely cover the stain, stand for five minutes, and then add the detergent for routine washing.

(2) If the fleece turns yellow, it must be cleaned in time. Adding an appropriate amount of neutral detergent in the water can remove the yellow stains and make the clothes glow with bright colors.

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