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Life with a Range Rover: Month 3 – The Perfect Match for Goodwood Car Park

In this latest installment of “Life with a Range Rover,” we explore the adventures of the iconic luxury SUV over the past month, highlighting its prowess and versatility. Mileage: 11,460.

Punctures Galore – 7 July

Despite the Range Rover’s impeccable reputation, it seems the SUV has been attracting slow punctures at an unfortunate rate. With a chunky all-season tire setup, it was unexpected when a small screw led to a flat tire. Nevertheless, the vehicle’s robust build and resilient tires, each weighing close to 40kg, kept it ready for any challenge.

Fancy Driving in Busy London? – 21 June

The Range Rover’s imposing size and lazy turning circle were initial concerns, especially when navigating busy London streets. However, it quickly proved its worth on long drives, maintaining comfort, and ease of positioning. With excellent visibility and reliable driver aids, this luxurious SUV made for a surprisingly hassle-free urban experience.

Job One: A Smooth Descent from the Seventh Floor – 3 June

Descending the tight multi-storey at Autocar headquarters was an effortless task, thanks to the Range Rover’s rear steering capabilities and its off-road camera interface. It expertly doubles as a handy proximity aid and kerb detector. Over time, the Range Rover’s spaciousness and adaptive driving features seamlessly integrated into daily life.

The Range Rover: Not Your Average Urban Runaround – 7 May

Initial doubts about navigating urban environments with such a large vehicle quickly vanished as the Range Rover displayed its remarkable adaptability. Squeezing through tight spots, such as avoiding an oncoming bus, felt surprisingly effortless. Despite its size, it is an accommodating presence on the road, providing a reassuring driving experience.

The rear seats are classified as ‘Executive Class’, which seems somewhat wasted on my five- and seven-year-old, but the electric centre armrest, complete with touchscreen to control the various functions back there, keeps them entertained. Almost too much, to the point where we’ve had to ban them from fiddling with it to stop the arguments. Four-zone climate control brings the stress levels back down. It’s the little touches that are marking it out so far – things like the armrests up front and the soft-close doors, and the tactile feel of the wool seat sides. One initial gripe is the electric motors that pull the flush door handles back in are quite loud and a bit un-Range Rovery. Article continues below advertisement

Welcoming the Range Rover to the Fleet – 3 May

Welcoming the new Range Rover into the family elicited great excitement and curiosity among friends and family. This timeless British classic garnered attention and admiration, highlighting its enduring appeal and iconic status. Equipped with a powerful plug-in hybrid engine, luxurious interior, and thoughtful touches, the Range Rover made an immediate impact.

Looking Forward

As the journey with the Range Rover continues, it promises to deliver memorable moments and unforgettable experiences. With its remarkable capabilities, impressive technology, and superior craftsmanship, the Range Rover stands tall as a true automotive legend.

Life with a Range Rover: Month 3

The Range Rover has proven to be a perfect companion, whether in bustling urban centers or challenging terrains, making it a standout choice in the ever-competitive luxury SUV market. In this month’s update, we delve into the Range Rover’s performance, capabilities, and the unique experiences it offers.

Punctures Galore… – 7 July

While the Range Rover has been a dependable ride, recent misfortunes include attracting slow punctures. Despite donning chunky all-season tires, a small screw managed to cause a slow puncture. This mishap reminded us of the sheer weight of the wheel and tire package, weighing close to 40kg. Nonetheless, the Range Rover’s resilient nature ensures that minor setbacks do not dampen its overall performance.

Mileage: 8244

Fancy Driving Someone Else’s 5m-Long SUV in Busy London? – 21 June

The Range Rover’s size has been a topic of discussion, particularly in tight city settings. However, with spaciousness, comfort, and intelligent features, it proves to be more versatile than one might expect. Maneuvering through city traffic and busy streets has been surprisingly manageable. The vehicle’s rear steering and off-road-camera interface play a crucial role in navigating congested areas effectively. The Range Rover continues to surprise and impress with its blend of luxury and practicality.

Mileage: 7023

Job One: Get the Range Rover Down from the Seventh Floor – 17 May

Parking in crowded urban environments has its challenges, but the Range Rover’s advanced features and technology make it an effortless task. The vehicle’s impressive rear steering system offers a turning circle akin to that of a Volkswagen Golf, ensuring easy navigation in tight spots. The Range Rover’s practicality shines through as it gracefully maneuvers through congested car parks and city streets, proving its mettle as a sophisticated urban runaround.

Mileage: 4418

Welcoming the Range Rover to the Fleet – 3 May

The Range Rover has effortlessly captivated the hearts of the entire family with its commanding presence and luxurious amenities. Its popularity is evident among onlookers, who eagerly inquire about the vehicle’s impressive features and unique charm. The plug-in hybrid configuration, with a substantial electric range, positions the Range Rover as an appealing option for business users seeking cost-effective choices. The interior, fitted with top-tier materials and an array of technology, adds to the sense of exclusivity that the Range Rover exudes.

Mileage: 7023

In Conclusion

The Range Rover’s journey with us has been nothing short of extraordinary. From navigating tight urban spaces to tackling challenging terrains, it has consistently proven itself as an unrivaled luxury SUV. With its unmatched blend of power, sophistication, and cutting-edge technology, the Range Rover stands tall as the pinnacle of automotive excellence.



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